Baby Oak

by renmoldovan
We have recently visited Gina and John to pick up our beautiful red merle Australian Shepherd puppy, Oak. We could not have asked for a more pleasant experience and will be recommending anyone who is looking for a pup. Oak is our second Australian Shepherd, but this experience is making is consider getting a third. Not only was Gina an incredible host, but their property is absolutely stunning and could not be more suited for Aussies. We cannot thank you both enough!


by JaniceCDutkoPerez
We drove 16 hours from NJ to pick up our little blue Merle girl from Gina and John! She just turned a year in April and we are already considering #2 AND want to take the whole trip over again! We also just had our son and she has been the sweetest most protective dog that I have ever seen!! We love our fur baby and we are truly blessed to have her in our life!!!

Sweet Zia

by DanaH
Zia is our sweet blue merle puppy that we purchased from John and Gina. From the minute we drove off with her we knew that we had made the right decision. We were not able to go for a visit when we were in the process of purchasing a puppy but Gina was great and was able to match our puppy's personality with ours. We couldn't have asked for a smoother experience! Zia is an amazing companion and farm dog! She is great in the barn around the cows and our barn cats and she is so sweet and playful with our four kids. Zia is also fantastic with staying home and not wondering off! We are so in love and can't say enough good things about our new girl Zia and our experience with Full House Stables!! Thanks Gina!


by Sharonwock
I have had Waylon for just over a month, and am thrilled with his disposition and respectfulness! Each time I interact with him I am in awe ! I can't believe he is only 2 !! What a joy and treasure he has become. He has settled in nicely to his new home and gets along well with the 2 older horses. I was apprehensive when I first considered buying a young horse, and with it being such a long distance away I wasnт€'t able to visit or meet horse/owner/trainer, but I took a leap of faith in everything and am so very grateful !! To John & Gina for raising such a beautiful animal and for making the long distance transaction so comfortable and trusting, and to Chet for his remarkable horsemanship skills ! Wow, I am so proud to partner with a horse that has been given such an exceptional start and professional training. Chet put 90 days on Waylon and I am gifted with a willing and respectful little guy that leads like a dream - with total slack in the rope he willingly leads anywhere, he ground ties beautifully in the barn, just drop the rope and he stands like a seasoned pro for saddling, brushing, cleaning feet and also stands well tied to the trailer. He just doesn’t over-react to anything; which has given me great confidence in learning with a new young horse. I endeavor to do his training justice by doing my best to keep him light and willing. We have work to do together on our navigation system in keeping consistent direction but we will get there. Much thanks to all of you for providing me with the opportunity to partner with such a great animal !! Happy Trails

Our girl Olive

by Jlowe
Kali and I had pick up Olive 2 days ago and are nothing but amazed. She has Had no accidents knows exactly how to let us know she needs out , she has minimal crying when it's crate time. And she has been really amazing with our current Pom poodle Chloe. Olive has even picked up the sit trick. John and Gina are by far the best dog breeders I've ever met and also really good friends. I am not only glad but also honoured to be able to have one of their pups and raise to be my own. If you are thinking about getting a puppy from i highly recommend it because you can't find a better breed., and definetly can't find a better breeder. I plan on keeping close touch with the family in hopes that Olive is the first of an amazing dog pair :). THANK YOU SOO MUCH GUYS!
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