Mares and Foals


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Ebony is a beautiful smaller 14.1 black Kentucky Mtn horse just like her mom "Blackie". Broke to ride and stands at 14.1. She has been ridden in parades and is good on the trails. If you are looking for a smaller horse with a smooth gait and a little spunk here she is!

SOLD! Mocha

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Mocha is a 2 yr old chocolate mare with flaxen mane and tail. She has been broke to ride or drive. Just started on the trails will make a great trail horse same as her siblings.

Lewis’s Pearl

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Lewis’s Pearl - Pearl is a cremello Kentucky registered mare born in 2000. She has been used as a brood mare since she was certified, she has thrown great colored offspring that gait naturally from the time they get their feet under them! She is all gait when she is having fun in the pasture and is one of the sweetest mares that I have ever been around.

Not for sale.

Star- Sold June 2017

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This chocolate mare is triple registered and certified. She is 13 years old and has been a brood mare and has produced some real nice off spring, Queen is her daughter. She is also a wonderful trail horse and with her temperment, confirmation, bloodlines and gait she is a complete package for whatever you choose to do with her. She stands 15 hands. We will be getting her back into riding shape this spring, 2017!

Sassy - SOLD!

Sassy is a buckskin filly born in April 2010, her name came with her attitude the day she was born! She has a beautiful head and strikes quite a pose in the field. Her “sassyness” is no longer an issue, she looks for your companionship when you step foot in the field, you don’t even need to call her name! Sassy went away for professional training this spring, and we now take her out on the trails! She will make a great life time companion for someone. She is out of our black mare “Sh’lady”. Sassy is registered Kentucky Mountain.

Jewell - SOLD!

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Jewell is a 3 yr old dapple chocolate filly with white mane and tail born April 2014. She is real pretty and will catch anyone's eye! She has a natural gait and temperament to match. She will go out on the trails in a group or on her own. Is up todate on all shots and deworming.

Check out her video on our Fullhouse Stables Facebook page

Satin! SOLD!

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Satin is a beautiful Rocky Kentucky Mountain Filly out of our mare Sh'lady and stud "Cru". She is a chocolate with Flaxen mane and tail. She was born spring of 2012 and has had 60 days of professional training. She will be ready for summer fun! She will make a stunning trail horse as you can see from her video.

Satin has a new home. Thanks Lori!

Black Eyed Susan

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Blackie is Gina's horse and is the smoothest riding horse that we own. She has such a natural gait and never misses a step. She could go all day and never break a sweat. Blackie is a real people pleaser and is one of those horses you could put your gramma on! She is a real example of the everything a horse of this breed has to offer. She has a black filly "Ebony" born in 2015 she is just like her mom!

Not for sale.

Carmel SOLD!

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Carmel is a silver smoky black filly born the first week of April, 2010. Her sire is John T Moses and as is with most John T Moses offspring her gait is already automatic! Carmel is registered Kentucky Mountain and is out of our cremello mare “Pearl”. From the time Carmel was born we made sure to handle her every day. This winter/spring we sent Carmel to get some training on riding and driving and she is doing great and has handled all aspects without any problems. Since getting her back we are amazed at her smooth ride and calm demeanor. She does everything so well, with such maturity you forget she is only 2 years old! Carmel will make a great life time companion horse.

Carmel now lives in Caledon East!


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Lady was born in 2007,she is a certified black Kentucky mare she is now being used as a brood mare. Will be bred this June 2018.