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Born in 2008, CRU is a dual registered & certified to breed stud out of INTERNATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION BROKEN BONE SAM'SONS. He is a stunning chocolate with a white mane and tail, he has a wonderful nature and you can trail ride in a group or take him out alone. CRU sports a short back, round hips, a broad chest and a beautiful head and ears. CRU has a smooth natural gait and with SEWELL'S SAM and TOBE being 2nd and 3rd sire on the top side and DOCK and CLEMONS TIM on the bottom your can't miss when using CRU on your mares for the ROCKY & KENTUCKY MTN confirmation, gait and temperament that these horses have become so well known for. If you are looking to put some comfort and easy going in your ride you should take a serious look at CRU as he is the whole package. He has produced some beautiful offspring for us! He is available for service!